Wednesday, November 21, 2012

sydney photo meet up 2012.

    Kiara shooting Julia on the Jetty.
    The lovely + talented Julia.
    Jessica laughing at something.. or someone ( Most likely Kiara ^_^)
    Kiara trying to use a reflector and shoot at the same time.
    The beautiful Asher.
    Kiara and her awesome long red hair.
    Christian setting up his camera for the group shot.
    Christian and his forest crown ^_^
   The beautiful Julia, amongst the nature :D
    The ever so sweet Alex.
    Asher posing on the road for Kiara.
    Jessica :)
    Kiara laying on the road in a pile of leaves, you know.. as you do.
    Our little group shot ^_^


So last Saturday I had the utter most pleasure of meeting up with the lovely and talented photographers  (from left to right) Alexandra Benetel, Kiara Rose, Asher Lilly, Julia Trotti, Jessica Christie + Christian Benetel.

It was such a wonderful sunny day, we all met up at Oatley reserve in Sydney at about mid day.
Once we were all there we wandered down pathways exploring the area, looking for somewhere to shoot.
It took us a little while to start snapping away our ideas but we were soon clicking away with no worries.
Kiara was always keen to model and very enthusiastic - be climbing rocks, getting in the river etc she was up for anything haha.
Though we did all have our share of being in front of the camera, which at times could be quite hilarious, as when one of us would start snapping everyone would crowd around + soon there would be 6 cameras pointed in your general direction :)

Everyone was so lovely and down to earth! It was so inspiring to spend a day with people who share  my passion + everyone was always willing to help you out for a photo.

It was such a wonderful day filled with laughs, awesome people, food + of course lots of photographing (what more could you wan't!). x

Thursday, November 1, 2012

she dances, with the ink.

       S H E   D A N C E S ,   W I T H   T H E   I N K .

Model: Talisa Rimland (scene models).
Styling: Emma Bergmeier (all of the above).
Beauty: Samantha Enticknap (all of the above).
Illustrations: Sha'an D'Anthes (furry little peach).