Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Sweet Surrender.

Peppermint Editorial | "Sweet Surrender."

Photography: Caitlin Worthington [all of the above]
Model: Hannah Tatam [scene]
Styling: Emma Bergmeir [all of the above]
Makeup: Constance Bowles [all of the above]

So very happy and excited for my first paid fashion editorial and to make things better I just loooove peppermint magazine!
Thanks to the beautiful people involved in this shoot, it was very much so a great collaborative effort :]


  1. congrats! the photography looks awesome! well done!

    (I'm a bit jealous :D )

  2. Gorgeous photos! I really like they way you captured fragile and playful mood togehter.

  3. congratulation on your first editorial!! this is so so so amazing! I love the color, and the pictures are so magical!! great job, really!
    I m love...

  4. Well done Caitlin, you've come so far from the days on dA and your photos just keep getting better. Congrats!

  5. aww. pictures are actually awesome. i will try to buy this magazine. i just need a little idea where i can buy it (:

  6. You are extremely talented...