Thursday, September 8, 2011

X-PRESS Fashion Spring 2011.

| W e l c o m e   t o   t h e   J u n g l e.

Women's wear shoot for the spring edition of X-press Fashion 2011.
Model: Evelyn @ Scene model MGMT.
Stylist: Emma Bergmeier @ All of the above creative.
Mua: Nicole Forde @ All of the above creative. 

Plus cover image below from X-press magazine with image on cover and article from RE-STYLE event as part of the Perth Fashion Festival.

Model: Allison Caldwell (Viviens)
mua: Constance Bowles (alloftheabove)
stylist + organiser of re-style event: Hannah Mcgrath (alloftheabove).


  1. these are so so beautiful. you are amazing. Where did you take these photos?

  2. i love the cover-page set of pictures. So much tenderness!

  3. This is really good: love all the beautiful colors!!

  4. these photos are so beautiful! can I ask with what lenses were they taken?

    with love,
    I have new note with photos and a giveaway!!

  5. Amazing colors and atmosphere :) I love it!