Saturday, July 28, 2012

The cold air of july.

Warm afternoon shadows, in Fremantle.
Dream clouds, magic hour, in Fremantle.
A lonely leaf on the road :( In Fremantle.

My friend Allegra talking to her little brother, George.
Sunlight catching the water droplets on a very cold morning.
A pretty flower top that Hannah made for a photoshoot.
Talissa- A sneaky little film shot for an upcoming event/project.
Talissa- A sneaky little film shot for an upcoming event/project.
Cute little team shot from a shoot for an upcoming event/project.

 The team sourcing out the perfect location for a shot ;)
BANANA PHONE! Made by my creative little sister, Molly.
Me, George, Molly, Allegra getting excited before seeing Lady Gaga. ^_^
Lauren- A shot from my winterlong photoshoot.
Lauren- A shot from my winterlong photoshoot.
Two beautiful kitty cats that I looked after when house sitting.
For ever waiting at the bus stop! Ugh.
Engraved names on an old bus stop bench.
Walking down a street lined with flame trees on a warm winters day.
Flame tree <3
moody clouds.

Hello lovelies :)
I recently decided to invest in a film camera to take with me on my day to day travels.
I always find myself seeing a shot during my adventures that I wish I could capture in an artistic form (apart from instagram, haha) but carrying my big 5d mkii is a hassle considering size and weight plus if something were to happen to it, or if it gets damaged. 
So! I bought the classic and popular Canon Ae1, black with a 50 mm f1.8 lens. It's so small and light that I can take it every where! I love the dreamy pictures it's able to capture, it's so perfect…. I'm in love.. One of my best investments yet.
I haven't used film since my days of studying photography over 3 years ago, I'm adjusting quickly and remembering the techniques, but I'm still hoping to improve]my natural ability with light and composition also getting used to different types of films and the different contrasts and feel they create.

So here are some of the many photographs I snapped up with my new film camera in the space of  just over two weeks.


-Caitlin. <3


  1. Can't wait to see more film pictures from you, these are lovely.:}

  2. These photos are absolutely amazing! You capture light so well and the colours are magnificent! I can't wait to see more of your photos on a film camera - you're so talented.
    It would mean a lot if you could check out my photography blog if you have a chance

  3. the atmosphere on these pictures is crazy, I love the one with the sunlight and the water droplets, and also those of lauren, and the cats and ohh well all of them!
    the last one is amazing
    it makes me want to use a film camera again, but I dont know, I don't feel confident enough

  4. oh i love film shots, cannot wait to see more hun xo

  5. Amazing pictures, I love your style! I'm excited to see more of you :)