Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Flashlight Love for Little Gracie S/S 12.

This is a collection I shot earlier this year for Little Gracie's Spring/Summer 12 collection which is now available here:
It was a super hot day but lots of fun especially having a whole roller dome to ourselves to skate around in!
I've been aching to blog this shoot for a while and now I can so here it is :D

Model: Mikaela Cotton.
Beauty: April Rose Makeup.
Hair: Peggy Sues Hair.
Styling: Hannah Mcgrath.


  1. Fantastic work, saw a link on facebook & I just knew I had to come over and see the whole project!
    Amazing shots, great modeling & styling!

  2. I always like your photoshoots! :)

  3. Absolutely fabulous! The powdery colors are wonderful, almost like macaroons in a way. Always excited to see your work!

  4. love how you do the shoot with the balloons!
    It's is so wonderful.

    ~xx lalaine

  5. Ohmygod your amazing photography and models rollerskating in beautiful dresses? Perfect combination.

  6. These are wonderful and did not help with my intense desire for roller blades!

  7. balloons and rolls? why not, great combination, wonderful session. and for this very nice outfits! follow me please :)